Unbranded Website

Unbranded – Website

Way to go you amazing DIYer. You built a fantastic beautify website with content and everything! Great beginning, well done. I love the 8 colors you used for the “pop” effect. And the clown face on the home page. Also love the background of the beautiful Rocky Mountains on your social. But can you tell me what that has to do with getting my carpets cleaned from Shoot Straight Carpet Cleaners? Oops, branding and website mistake number one.

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Walk Away with Your Business Branded — Cabana Digitals

Walk Away Branded Content

What does walk away branded content mean on your website? Well, honestly it is kind of means a lot and is a big deal. I’m going to just touch on it in this post, but you should walk away with a better understanding of what is needed and how it works. We use branded content for really pushing your website over the edge to beat competitors. First, know your products, what issues or problems do those products solve for the end user and who you are wanting to target as that customer.

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Standout Website

Recently we, my husband and I, had to take a drive through the mountains, yes mountains of Arkansas. They are the Boston Mountains. While not like the Rockies, they are beautiful. We were taking in the scenery, and I was snapping photos and then suddenly around a curve this was the shot. Beautiful right? But what did you see first? The sunset? Or the barn smack in the middle of the shot? It was during this trek; I was talking about how our business was forming and how do I reach clients. How do I stress the need for a well-built website.

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Memorable Branding

What is Memorable Branding?

I told you upfront I’m not the branding genius. I’m just one part of a larger picture when it comes to branding and make it memorable for your customers. My part is needing the elements to build you a fabulous compliant website that drives traffic, and while I do have some input the real guts of your branding come from our Social Media Strategist, Lisa Benson at DeBella DeBall and with our creatives lady boss Monika Vidakovic, who handles all our email marketing and lead generation at The Digital Trifecta.

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Reinventing Your Company

Reinventing Branding

Reading the title, you would think we are about to embark into a “journey” and “self-help psychology” class, right? What does this have to do with branding your business? It sounds like the hot buzz words to fix and rebrand the inner you. I mean we all do need a little fixing from time to time, wouldn’t you say? Perhaps, you have done some dumb things in the past. Maybe you are trying to escape bad decisions or perhaps trying to rise above a failed relationship.

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