Memorable Branding

What is Memorable Branding?

Differentiating yourself from your competition is critical to success. But how do you do that?  What if your products are similar or even the same?  What will set you apart from your competition.

I think of all the website designers and developers out there.  What sets me apart from all the other?  Nothing really except my message is unique and truthful. I am me, and I write like me.  I don’t hide or tell you lies to get your business.  I’m branded with the ocean using Cabana in my business because well, I love to be in the sand at an ocean. Most my post will have seaside or water or even a cabana.

Your brand should communicate who you are; I am just your average country girl how loves the beach. And what your company does; we are a digital agency and I build websites plus we offer a few more services. Hence, the Digital. Last,  be unique; understand why it is important for people to know how unique you are compared to other agencies. Mine is talent, years of experience and growth and not being all “corporate-y”.  Along with all of that you need a strong message for customers to experience your service / product.  Mine is “Taking it Beyond Design”.

Don’t worry about sounding professional. Sound like you. There are over 1.5 billion websites out there, but your story is what’s going to separate this one from the rest. If you read the words back and don’t hear your own voice in your head, that’s a good sign you still have more work to do.

Be clear, be confident and don’t overthink it. The beauty of your story is that it’s going to continue to evolve and your site can evolve with it. Your goal should be to make it feel right for right now. Later will take care of itself. It always does.

I Learned the Hard Way

When I first started building website no one thought anything about branding.  We built the website and back then it was all about having the right URL, the right name, the right content.  We still optimized website but in a much different way than now.  Thanks to the advances in Google searches and with Bing content is all about relevance and branding messages to meet the audience.

It took many years for the branding part of business, at least for smaller owned and medium sized business to come into play. Now I wonder how we ever achieved a functional, informational and still pretty website without the initial branding element.

We just knew the branding for the big companies but who could afford the cost of branding?  Not small businesses and not everything was online back then. Now with EVERYONE on their phones, laptops and whatever other electronic device they have, it’s almost impossible to not think about branding in every area, like logos, content, marketing materials, videos for YouTube and now, TikTok.

I’m NOT the Know-It-All Gal for Memorable Branding

I told you upfront I’m not the branding genius.  I’m just one part of a larger picture when it comes to branding and make it memorable for your customers.  My part is needing the elements to build you a fabulous compliant website that drives traffic, and while I do have some input the real guts of your branding come from our Social Media Strategist, Lisa Benson at DeBella DeBall and with our creatives lady boss Monika Vidakovic, who handles all our email marketing and lead generation at The Digital Trifecta.  If you come to Cabana Digitals, I can build you a great website but first we handle your business strategies and your branded messaging.  Otherwise, we are building  your website on the theory of “build it and they shall come” but not remember a thing, so let’s chat about how we can make your message memorable branding.

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