Reinventing Your Company

Reinventing Branding

Reading the title, you would think we are about to embark into a “journey” and “self-help psychology” class, right? What does this have to do with branding your business? It sounds like the hot buzz words to fix and rebrand the inner you. I mean we all do need a little fixing from time to time, wouldn’t you say? Perhaps, you have done some dumb things in the past. Maybe you are trying to escape bad decisions or perhaps trying to rise above a failed relationship.

Reinventing Your Company

There could be several reasons to reinvent yourself, but maybe, just maybe you were bored with being who you were. You were tired of conforming to the “approved or accepted” social you and putting on the “show” face covering up your true self. Now, that does sound like a hyped-up podcast to redesign yourself and help doesn’t it?

The same can be said of businesses. No seriously, you can take that previous paragraph above and completely make that about your business. I mean we all need a little business fixing, right? Maybe you made some bad business decision or did a few dumb things starting out you wish you could forget. There could be numerous reasons to reinvent your business. Have you tried different businesses but failed because you did not start off with a solid plan or financial foundation? Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Examples of other businesses that rebrand are bars, clubs, and restaurants. These businesses do it all the time. They change names, themes, decor, and sometimes complete staffing changes, but owned by the same person or entity. Casinos, golf courses, even grocery stores, get bought-out and change names, and no one bats an eye. Businesses are rebranded every day. Are you a business owner that needs a boost in rebranding yourself and branding your business?
Let us take Cabana Digitals as the prime example of branding.

The owner, myself of course, and my staff of developers have been working together for over 15 years. Hard to believe they stuck around with me that long! We were once known as Learn Others Inside Secrets, LOIS for short. Throughout the past years we have worked together on many projects and website builds. But then I decided to take a break. I semi-retired for over 2 years to do other things. Then this year I wanted to expand and come back big. However, I did not want to come back as the boring, (to me boring) LOIS. I had LOIS burnout and I wanted to be bigger and different than before.

As my business started to take shape and form a plan, I knew I did not want to be like the “other guys.” There are so many different website developers out there. All of them offer basically the same thing.

Their websites feel the same way, very businesslike. Why do we have to look business boring to be seen as reputable and professional? We all offer the same basic framework to build a website. Except our prices are usually vastly different. Have you noticed that the websites providing the website design and development all look the same, or is it me? A bit different in some structure but same message all looking professional and businesslike.

Meanwhile, I am sitting back here thinking to myself, boring! I do not want to look like everyone else or even talk tech like they do. We have a great staff, with years of experience, but why do I have to be all stuffy and look like everyone else? It is the skills of our team that build you the website of your dreams, not because we have some boring basic linear website representing us. Time to REBRAND!

What did I do to reinvent my branding?

So, I took my love of being ocean side and loving all things beachy and created Cabana Digitals as my website. We are all the same people with more experience behind us but NOW my personality flows directly into my business. This is business branding! This is being set apart with your branding and reinventing yourself. I enjoy working with businesses to make their business goals and dreams come true but I also love being able to hear the ocean waves, feel the water on my toes, and to look out at the vast sea of blues and greens. I paired my two great loves, business websites and the sea, so here we are today, Cabana Digitals.

Businesses need to represent not only what they sell or do for you but something personal about them. Is it a bit risky to not look so professional? Maybe, but maybe not! Branding your business means a lot of different things to different companies. How big is your business? How big do you want your business? Are you going global and hope to be a household name like Nike, Folgers (which I cannot live without) or Netflix? Are you a corporation or just a mom-and-pop business doing what they love? There is an enormous difference when branding for a purpose. I wanted to start this next adventure with the mentality of FUN! I wanted to reflect ME! You can bet I have the hidden skills to make you an impressive, branded website behind my ocean theme!

Find out, come join the Cabana Digitals family of fun loving, sun loving, website building crew. We promise to make your task of creating your business website fun and less daunting. Grab a beach chair, sit back soak of the sun (we probably are) and let’s do this!

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