Standout Websites

Recently we, my husband and I, had to take a drive through the mountains, yes mountains of Arkansas. They are the Boston Mountains. While not like the Rockies, they are beautiful. We were taking in the scenery, and I was snapping photos and then suddenly around a curve this was the shot. Beautiful right? But what did you see first? The sunset? Or the barn smack in the middle of the shot? It was during this trek; I was talking about how our business was forming and how do I reach clients. How do I stress the need for a well-built website. Not just a template website, a DIY website or from an agency that charge you a ton money then leaves the website to you. Those agencies that charge so much then they do not even follow through on the backend. Let me tell you there are a lot of those out there, I know because I have seen their websites.

Truth be told, I have even run their website to see if they know what they are doing. Over half have terrible scores, and that was just out of ten agencies. Crazy! And the average business owner wouldn’t know whether their site is well built and stunning or just stunning and crappy on the backend. I mean you just hired a team to build it because you didn’t know how, right!

But I digress, so here I am passenger side, taking pictures and talking about business and now my mind goes to: How do I make you, as a business with a great website stand out like this barn amongst all the trees (websites) and the scenery (fluff). How do I make you stand out in the field like this? Aren’t you glad you aren’t in my head, I think of the strangest things, but again, back to the subject.

Hone In On Skills

Look, I don’t claim to know everything. In fact, I am a woman, and I can proudly say, I don’t know squat about a lot of things. I do know websites. I don’t always design them alone; I have a fabulous team that works with me to put my concepts together for you. Heck, I don’t always development alone, my elite developer helps with some of the super techy coding. Because well, let’s face it, it takes him 15 minutes to my 1 hour. I work with the skilled team of professional designers and an ace developer, who has been with me for 10 years, to make sure we fine tune every website to be in compliance. We also make sure that the website functions and not just a pretty thing. Not only for visitors but for all the spiders out there crawling it to make sure it is up to snuff and being tracked, read and content is relevant. So, we hone in on our skills and start clearing the way for you to stand out in the field.

Focus In On The View

What do I mean by focusing in on the view? Take my picture above and focus on that house. In the first stages of the build, we are clearing a path and weeding out the area, or in this case the obvious issues. We have a lot of tools at our disposal as website developers and it seems like every year there is another platform that comes out. Like bright shiny objects ready to snatch up and keep, making our world a little brighter and a whole lot less rich. Those platforms cost dearly. However, some are totally worth the money, because they help us focus in on the issues that could hurt your website or stop a search engine from crawling pages. So, we carefully, review every possible issue and focus in on things to improve your website.

The image to the right is an example of a website that is in the final stages. These final stages are where we focus on the view, and we really make you stand out in the field. We go through each area and make it right. Did your team before us do this? How do you know? Good thing for you we actually offer an audit of your business. More about that later. Stay tuned.

Finally, There You Are​

Once we make it through all the issues, codes, compliance, and everything else possible we test it again through 3 different services. Yes, three!! Each one is scanning for certain criteria that I want your website to pass for in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and any other search platform out there. In addition to that we check to make sure it is browser compatible and passes each and every core web value. So, now you are the barn in the middle of the field and a spotlight or picture-perfect website. Just let me reiterate that there is so much that goes into making your business website a thing of beauty.

It’s not something that is quickly done overnight or even in 30 days unless you work at it 24/7 and only break for the bathroom. Might need a house cleaner, and someone to cook for you. On a medium size build, about 10 to 15 pages you can expect it to take about 90 days, depending on our communication. I know that sounds like a really long time to wait. But like dad always said, “Good things come to those who learn patience and can wait.” I do not have a lot of patience, but I can wait for wonderful things, sometimes reluctantly.

Not Sure If You Stand Out?

I mentioned earlier on this post that we do offer a service for a website audit. We also offer a full business audit, including your social media and branding to make sure you are on target for growth. If you are interested in our audit just reach out to us.  An audit is worth the money and after the audit if you decide to hire us then we take that off the build fee. Audits can range anywhere from $250.00 to $1,000.00. Until I talk to you there is no way of knowing the cost because it varies from website to website. If you like what you hear and you want to stay tuned for other crazy stories that pop into my head be sure to subscribe down below. It is just an email and I will notify you when a new pops up.

Thanks for reading this … hope you enjoyed it and I hope that we connect so you can stand out in the field.