Your Website Action Content Strategy

My past post had to do with how your write your content for your website. Where you should focus on writing to create trust, authority and have a purpose for writing. If you missed that one go back to the blog post writing content for your website.

Let’s talk about some of the actions that you want your content to create. What do you want your end user to do, what is your main goal? Why are you posting content? Let’s look at some of the reasons why you might need content to grow your website organically or to create authority.

Leads, Leads and More Leads

Maybe, you are trying to grow your email list, but you need content that engages and intrigues your audience so that they come back for more and more information. IE: I have chickens, no seriously, I do. I have a website that I go to for information on chickens. I signed up for new information from this website because I like the content. That is one example of content that was informative, and I wanted more. So are you creating content that your readers want more and more of? Will they come back, because getting traffic to your website is great but it is stopping there? Doesn’t really do much for creating that leads list. But if you are after leads, then the goal here is to create valuable content they can’t live without or want more of so while building that content give them a CTA (Remember that’s a Call-To-Action). Another way is to create a lead magnet, that’s the technical term for providing them with something free and then you get their email. I have that on this page for a website audit.

Cha-Ching There Is a Sale
Making money with actionable items on your website.

If the goal of your content creation is to drive traffic to increase revenue, then your content goal should be increasing sales. This does not just mean for online stores; we are talking more about service-related industries. I am thinking this might take a little bit more on your focus efforts when creating the writing but think of this, a targeted content driven action might accomplish just that. This is a little tricky but I know that you can do it. When writing to get a sale, don’t be salesy. Instead, be informative, present a problem your customers or clients face that you can solve. Give them a morsel of how it can be solved and tell them to hire the expert, which is YOU. You can solve anything remember because you are the expert in your field. Your content can push that person to click that action and bam!

You have a sale.

Requires some work:

You will need to do some research on this one because it’s not like just sitting down with your strategy and creating content. This action driven content needs keywords to focus on and not just any keyword. Research the keywords, don’t know how to do that? Hit me up, I’ll give you a few tools for free. Choose keywords that are specific to that target audience and then figure out an area that is a pain point for most and give a “tricky” solution.

Website Action Content Strategy Means Nurturing

Yup, I’ve said it before several times now, but in order to get action from any of your content you are going to need to be consistent in delivery and nurture them with informative expert written content. Continue to add value, keep them on their toes, teach them something they might not have known, make it personable (that’s my goal, though many marketing companies would disagree). Think of frequent questions and solutions, what can you provide them beyond an FAQ section? Do you offer them a knowledge base with access through a password? Gear up your content to maintain and keep your customers happy and engaged. If they feel comfortable with your knowledge, you’ve gained their trust and now your content sells you and your services.

Wrapping Up Your Action Content Strategy

These are just a few examples of how content can drive leads, sales, and long-term customers/clients to your business. Combine this with the efforts on the content strategy blog and you have a working solution for your business to drive more traffic to your website. If you need help with your content marketing strategy, you can reach out to us for a more powerful content driven solution for you.