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Let’s play a game. Let’s go over some of the quick tips on your website content strategy and kick it up a notch. If you know these tips already that you are above the average business owner. You have done your research. Let’s dive into great content. I touch base on these through my online videos through Facebook. Head over and check a few out.. plus I throw in a few extras! My Facebook.

Memory Game

Did you know that the average person can only keep five to nine pieces of information in their memory at once that’s their working memory. But for some people like me I might only be able to keep two items. That happens when you get older. This means when you go to build out your website you need to build it smartly because too much information can be overload. We’ve talked about separating your content it into chunks so that people can actually see and understand your service. So, be sure you are not overloading them with too much information, remember they only absorb a fraction of that. It is much better to offer them a 20 min consultation than try to include everything on your website. And yes, before you say anything you’re right, you do need content on your website but content that is displaced properly will help you gain traffic organically. Remember that is a so crawl technique.

Keep It Simple Website Content Strategy
Keep It Simple when you are crafting your website.

Look I know you are the expert, and trustworthy with everything you are telling your audience. However, keep in mind that your area of expertise may have words that the average Joe doesn’t know. I often think of my husband when he starts spouting off law enforcement terms or when he gets in his construction mode and I have to ask, “What the heck are you talking about?”.

Website Content Strategy and How To Kick It Up A Notch — Cabana Digitals

So, don’t write your content where your audience needs to pull out their dictionary to even understand the terms or what you are telling them. Trust me they don’t have a dictionary, but Google terms is no better. Stick to the plain language. When I look for a plumber to fix my sink, I just want to know he can do that not that I need to fix the thingmajig.

Baby Steps

It is a process.  You must walk before you run philosophy. People like to follow steps. It just makes life easier. If we know we have to do these four things to get to the end then it’s something we can wrap our brain around. It’s why here are manuals that our men never read then ask questions, clearly written in the manual.  If there are too many steps to get to the prize, then they will not retain it, give up, get frustrated and bounce right out of your beautiful website. That equals a lost sale because you didn’t follow the word content strategy step. Ecommerce is a perfect example of using the baby step process.  They see an item, go to the next, think for a while, and then see something else.  However, below are the last items viewed so they may change their mind or click on both to purchase. Win-win. They click, and it’s on to the cart.  Easy peasy.

No One and Nothing is Perfect

The only perfect person that lived died for all of us, so he can’t help you with your website. As your designer/developer you can be sure I’m just human as well. We all make mistakes. Improvements can always be made so your need to evaluate your website as much as possible with real targeted users. Nothing is perfect from the start. So don’t be afraid to change it to improve your design according to feedback that you get or from texting your analytics.  Find out where drop offs are, you need to change it up some.

Wrapping up part 1 of website content strategy

Stay tuned for a few more great tips on website content strategy and structure in the next blog post and catch me on my Facebook page videos.  Till next time, thanks for reading. Let me know if I can help you create a great website!