Writing Good Content For Your Website

Do you get writers block when trying to think of what you want to say on your website?  Do you feel like your back in school trying to finish that report?

No worries, many business website owners feel the same way unless of course you are an actual author or have some product that requires writing.

Let’s look at a few ways that we can organize your content so that you end users can flow through it easily and understand it.  We want to make sure that we can convey exactly what your customers or clients will need to hire you or find out more about your services.

Goals & Purpose

Goals and Purpose for your business website.


First, let’s establish your goal. That might sound super easy but when you really think about it there are probably many goals that you have for your website. Traffic, sales, information or collection of marketing names but no matter what your goal is for the website all business have one thing in common: A Purpose. So, with your purpose and direction in mind you need to create content that will contribute to your growth goals. This makes that content a tool of your business. And then that tool becomes your driving source for increasing your profits and reaching that “big” goal. Make sense?

Rule One:  Create for a purpose.

Slow Crawl Not A Sprint When Writing Content for Your Website

It’s a slow crawl when trying to get the content right for your website

Each small action that you take creating content whether that is a new page or an informational page on your blog is a step toward your overall goal. Sometime these small steps combine to create a 12 month increase that you didn’t expect. Time is money and when you are starting out writing content for your website, remember that the effort you spend now, costing you nothing but your time will pay off in the end. Carve out an hour a week to focus on your content strategy and the purpose for your next post or page.

Rule Two: Create time to write content for your website.

Writing Good Content For Your Website — Cabana Digitals
How To Gain Trust
Gain trust and get a great website.

No this isn’t a counseling session. Trust like in a relationship isn’t instant it’s slowly gained one content piece at a time and encourages engagement. That sounds like a daunting task, right? Whew, you barely get relationships right let alone trying to create a trusting one will thousands of people. So how do you do that? Start by proving to everyone and anyone that you know what you are taking about. Be the person they come to for the answers. Be the expert and then shout that out to your end users. Each time you starting writing content for your website it should be with one goal, I am the expert. Being the expert means they trust your brand and you, so provide value.

Rule Three: Be the expert to gain trust.

Relationship Building Through Content

Build a relationship through your content on your website.

So back to the above one where you are trying to build that trust with your end user, it is all about building a relationship with them, right? So, now you are asking yourself, well, what the heck I don’t know them so how am I supposed to do that? Easy, really!

In any relationship what’s the first thing you need to build that relationship? Honesty. Without that you are just a sleazy con artist. So, also be transparent in your business and own up to mistakes. Maybe even call yourself out on them, I know, I know that will be hard. But no one is perfect and no one wants to think that you are either.

When asked to do something in a relationship, we all tend to do it right? Therefore, the next way to build that trusting relationship is to actually be there for your end user. If they fill out a form with a question, don’t swipe it away or forget about it. Just answer it quickly with information that they need. No need to go into a 500 word essay, remember quick responses mean you cared to reach back out. If they want to chat for 10 minutes, what’s 10 minutes going to cost you? Will it cost you a 10K sale? Be active and responsive.

Rule Four: Be There and Be Active and Build a Relationship

Wrapping up writing content for your website

Finishing up, these are my ideas on a few ways that you can build your audience and create great informative and trustworthy content. So, use these tips when you sit down to create any content. Whether that is home page, information pages or blog post, just remember that you are speaking to them because they are just like you, human, but hey you are the expert. Build that relationship and get to writing content on your website that sells you and your expertise.

Contact me if you need help. I’m here for you.