Website Upgrade It's A Splash

One of my favorite things to do is a website upgrade. This upgrade created a splash with great color. Bonus, it was fun to help this small business in Texas build a better website on a challenging platform.

Little background on this website, it was build on the drag and drop limited features in Lighspeed, which is part of the Ecwid Ecommerce Solution. I actually thing Lightspeed bought ecwid out, but that’s neither here nor there. Because the inventory was a huge factor on this build, we didn’t want to build this from scratch. Plus they needed to keep the inventory that is tied to the shops POS system. So, we built a WordPress website with Elementor and connected it to the current store so that the front facing website reflected their brand and personality.
Let’s talk Issues

We immediately felt that this home page did not reflect the amazing owners of Arts and More. While it displayed the store it didn’t provide any personalized content.

After talking to the owners, they had tried to do the WooCommerce at one time but there were many issues with the POS system talking to the website to keep the inventory accurate.

Because this drag and drop home page options with Lightspeed did not allow a lot of customization or backend SEO, it was getting little to no traffic.

This little shop had great plans to expand art classes to area schools and provide art days with daycares. They wanted to be involved in the community and show their support for other small business. The owner Perry, who is the artist of the family also wanted the ability to display local artist and hold classes monthly.

After speaking with the owners several times, I knew what their end goals were. As a veteran owned business and a minority business they have a lot of potential for growth. They also have a full house with kids and their passion for art really did mean they wanted to encourage children to explore their creativity. As you can see there is very little creativity in the old website.

Upgrade Your Website with a New Look and Feel
Upgrade Your Website with a New Look and Feel — Cabana Digitals
It’s A Splash Website Upgrade is Here!

The new website conveys all the wonderful products in a more creative way. We brought in lots of color and used their logo to bring in the branding. As an art supply shop, color as mandatory so instantly the end users knew they were on an art supplies online store.

We wanted to personalize this website and highlight the owners and the shop, so we create the About page with that in mind and it holds pictures of the family.

We have also included the local area school supply list so that parents can order from the store and then just pick up the school supplies.

Their Let’s Art Together is in place to reach out to the community so that kids can learn the value of art in everyday life.

All in all this website upgrade was a complete success~ Best part we brought the old website structured Google Grade of and “F” up to an “A” so Google doesn’t leave the website in the dust!

The difference in using an SEO strategy built around a strong framework, even with the challenge of hooking the new WordPress website to the shop. We are now an “A”.

Do you need an upgrade? If so please reach out to me and let’s talk. Remember your business will not sell itself, but investing in you will out do your competition and have sales improve.