Why Does My Small Business Need a Website?

I get this question a lot; So, why does my small business need a website? You know these days it’s just good to have a website for so many different reasons. As a small business owner, it depends on your needs. Do you want to grow? Are you looking for more business? Are you spreading the word through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok? What social platforms are you using? And maybe you’re a small business that doesn’t want to expand maybe it’s your side business or maybe you just do it from your home. I know the expense of getting a website can be daunting. Maybe you don’t think you have the funds for a website. And all that might be true, but it really just depends on what you want from your website. What would a website do for you? Let’s look at a few of the reasons why you might need a website.

#1 – It helps you establish an online presence.

Small Business Website

A website puts you on the web, well duh! But just having the website doesn’t mean anything right? Well, no, it gives you recognition and it can also work as your business card. So, when you run across somebody anywhere, even on the street, grocery store, well, you name it – you can just send them to your website. A lot of small business owners that work out of their home attend craft fairs, shows, and other events and while they have a business card sometimes it’s nice to have people just go to your website to view more information and your product or your services. It’s a good way to establish yourself on the web whether you’re using it as just a business card or more.

#2 – It helps to showcase your products, your services and you.

Having a small business website means you can show your portfolio your projects. Let’s say you are a small crafting company with a small shop and you provide different craft projects that you create and sell. You can show those craft projects both your past projects and current ones. This way when someone comes to the website, they can see your expertise. You can also show off your skills and highlight your qualities. Remember it’s a first impression so let’s make it a good one with a great website that’s all about you.

#3 – It helps to increase your exposure for new business.
website exposure

Having a small business website means your communication expands with your target audience. Smart websites will include a way for customers to give feedback, complaints, reach out to you through a contact form or provide customer support on orders and services. This gives your small business better exposure and allows you highlight your customer service for your small business. You know your clients and customers like to feel like the Queen or King! Small businesses that do big business provide personal services. So, increase your customer exposure and interactions by having a website that reflects your business and its customer service level.

Let’s do one more on this post and I’ll do another follow up post after this one explaining more reasons why small businesses need a website. Here is another big reason; Yes, it gives you credibility and trustworthiness.

#4 – Credibility.

What do I mean by credibility? I know what you are thinking. Well, that’s a crappy thing to say, of course I’m credible, I’ve been doing this for years. Yes, you already have customers/clients and of course, they know you are credible. They know your legit! But having a website just gives you one up and says you’re really a professional, more so in the eyes of those that don’t know you. Did you know there’s a study out there somewhere in the internet world that says, if you have a website over 80% of the people will view it and think that a good website means you run your business well and trust you more. Now grant you I just heard this but surely it must be true because it’s on the Internet, right? I have a lot of things I could say here but honestly, I know a lot of great websites and terrible business owners. But I digress. However, here is something to think about, if they believe you are credible are you leaving sales on the table because you don’t have a website that shows that you’re credible and legit? Credibility plays a huge role in how people perceive you or your business and whether or not they purchase items or use services. In today’s researching everything on Google wouldn’t it be wise to include yourself in the search?

So, these are only four very simple obvious reasons why small businesses should have a website. If you’re worried about the cost of a website, which most people are and most business owners are pretty cost conscious, well there’s a solution for you. I offer a VIP Day which is an affordable day to create a website from a theme that’s ready to go on Google, meaning it has all the bells and whistles that Google wants for a website to meet its core web values. VIP days are constructed just for you and for your business. During the summer we are running a half the price sale from the normal high season prices. Hosting your domain usually costs you anywhere from $300 to $400 a year. I offer hosting through my partnership with WPengine, for $288 and that includes a domain. So, if you don’t have your domain bought yet you can purchase it through WPengine. Don’t try to DIY website even though it’ll save you some money it’ll hurt you in the long run and you don’t have time to do that anyway you have products and services and yourself to sell. Hiring a professional is the best way to go when you want your small business to succeed and or grow.

Check out the VIP page for details and set up a time to chat with me for the discounted pricing for the Summer Sale.