Content On Your Website It’s Not Just the Words

Wait, what do you mean content on your website it’s not just the words? We just went through 4 weeks of learning about how our content should be constructed, and what our website content strategy is, now your telling me there is more? Yup! Content isn’t just what is written on the website, in fact, content on your website includes media, tertiary content and even your user generated content. We are only going to cover the two area.

Content and Media Content.

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As I said content can be pretty much anything a user sees on your website. But when it comes to coding and search engine optimization that is where the division happens. Even your media files need to be optimized but before I get into that let us focus for a minute on top level items.
Content On Your Website Means Go High Level

Top Level Content

Top level content in a designer eyes and terms are the basic static pages of your website. These pages you probably won’t return to very often like your about us page, contact page, maybe you have a blog post index page. These pages you more than likely do not have a ton of changes over time. However, those are important pages. Your blog pages are extremely important in driving traffic with specific keywords. Plus, they have media files attached to them, or they should. More about blogs in a minute. Some other top content pages for might be: Landing pages, products, services, testimonials either user generated or from you posting them.

Basic Content

Basic content pages can be create by so many different styles, like webinar post, or podcast videos, maybe you have tutorials on your website. Do your blog post include things like checklist or quizzes, maybe a form to fill out? This is all content and as we have discussed before having a strategic plan for the website content is key.

The Media Bucket for Content on Your Website

The media bucket for all your website content

I just listed off a few but there are several distinct types of media that can be found such as the good ole funny images of the polar bear with his head buried in the water, or the funny dogs doing things that capture attention. They may not be necessary or even give your end users anything worth information but it does make your post or your page a personality.

Content On Your Website — Cabana Digitals

These images tend to break up the boring. Or add a touch of humor to a rather dull information piece. The same can be said about images that are in blog post. Images help give you a visual about the post but might not be relevant at all to the website’s top level content. More than likely the images are relevant in a roundabout way. The keywords are probably different for that post but in general. This is where you make sure your meta tags and descriptions are correct. It will help the post by placing keywords in the media description.

Let Us Blog, The Queen of Content

Noticed I did not say King? It use to be content is king. Now with all the algorithms and changes it’s not just the content that google looks at so I demoted it to Queen, or in my case I think it’s an improvement of the context! Just saying. So blogging, like I’m doing now, it’s time consuming, it’s frustrating for those that don’t write, and frankly it can be a pain in the butt. Why a pain because you have to write your blog so that it engages, has information and is also meaningful to the audience. You are reading this so you must find it somewhat engaging or interesting, I’m sure it’s not my whit that brought you here. But Blog post are primarily to use keywords so that the search engine picks those up out of the millions of bloggers and websites and decides that your post is worthy enough to rank. It is kind of like a crap shoot!

However, if you stick to keyword optimization you have a good chance over time to have your article populate in the search. Focus on your subject matter! So together with your top level content and website content combined with your media content you have yourself a darn good chance of rising above. Remember to follow the content website strategies we laid out.

To wrap up all things content on your website think of it this way.

It’s all a huge circle or web that helps to bring visitors, increase sales, build your brand and make you the expert. So start with a good layout and great website content, build from that to bring in your blogging content strategy and add the media and now your website is strengthened. See how that works? You can now use all your content to create an experience for users on social media post, as well.

Till next time, remember the content on your website it’s not just the words, so happy content creating and blogging! Do not forget those keywords and meta information. If you need help or you think your site is lacking in content strategies, please reach out to me and let’s schedule an audit!