What a Summer for Small Business!

Hope your summer has been fun and busy. I haven’t produced a blog in months. Figured today is Monday and I needed to get myself moving. Business has been busy. That’s a good thing right? Yes, it is.

Summer of Surprises

After wrapping up the new website for Handersen Publishing the first of June, I wasn’t sure where the next project was going to come from. I know times are tough money wise for everyone, especially small businesses. Summer is one of the fickle seasons, people are out doing their thing, traveling and kids in sports. So much of that digs deep into the pockets and most business owners don’t have the extra cash to spend on getting their website built or upgraded. I don’t know about you but I certainly budget for all the summer fun, whether that’s BBQ’s in the backyard or taking off down the road. Did you budget for fun and for business? Summer for Small Business — Cabana DigitalsSome summers there’s enough cash to go around and others depending on the economy can keep alot of folks at home thinking of ways to build a fortune.

When it rains..
DonkBuilt Home Page

Lucky for me July came around and we are in full development mode here in the Cabana. We started off with a fantastic client that will be a case study coming in from Texas. We are taking her old .html website, much like the revamp on Handersen Publishing and making it into something slick modern and Google friendly. She needed a website that was easy to maintain and we decided WordPress was the best user friendly backend. We nailed down a theme from several of her ideas that she liked for websites. While we didn’t create it exactly like the websites she showed us we did come close and used our own creativity to create something pretty amazing. We are please with how it’s coming along. Summer for Small Business DonkBuiltSo this small Texas business is using her website to show her offices skills and knowledge in bookkeeping and tax services for business and individuals. This website will show that she has years of experience. Some small business want to showcase their services so that potential clients can compare with competition. She has been in business for a long time so this upgrade is the perfect business solution to increase traffic and clients. Stay tuned for the reveal!

The next client we spoke with needed a new design and SEO on her website, so we are starting their work now through August. Small business need a big voice among all the competitors. For Debs, she provides a unique service and through SEO we plan to get her small business website up to scale to bring in new traffic. Can’t wait to upgrade this website and see this client’s business go through the roof! Keep you posted.