Affordable Business Websites

Your small business needs a website? Can you even get one? Is it possible to get an affordable business website? Everyone’s definition of affordable is different, but for most small business owners that typically doesn’t mean a $ 5,000.00 website budget.

Whether your existing website needs work or you want to develop a new site from scratch you have come to the right team. A small business website must have an attractive design to make a positive first impression on your visitors but must also provide a great experience. That is why our slogan is “Taking it beyond design.” Most small business entrepreneurs may not have the skills or financial resources to create a website that stands out.

Affordable Business Website — Cabana Digitals

Thinking that is only for the bigger companies. However, with Cabana Digitals we make website development affordable for every business. So, let us create a stunning home page that will make people stop and stare.

We design beautiful, mobile friendly, search engine optimized websites built to attract visitors and convert them into your next leads and longtime customer. Our talented team of will add value to your website project using our experience in UI/UX features. From the start of our initial design process to SEO, plus ongoing web maintenance we have you covered.

Our top priorities when creating your small business website include the following for exceptional UI/UX:

1. A readable fonts, a nice call-out font, and a header font. All of these elements will be in your branding guide. If you do not have a branding guide, no worries, our creative team with your input will create one for you.

2. Complimentary color scheme that is appealing and follows your logo and branding. We like to keep the color scheme to three or four colors. Background, Main Logo colors and a complimentary color.

3. Only high-quality photos that will be optimizing for both Google and for mobile ready. Web friendly so the payload when loading the website does not slow it down. With the right images that are tagged appropriately and make SEO friendly, you can push your website with products or services that stand out.

4. Built to impress the masses in the mobile world. With billions of mobile users browsing and shopping if your website isn’t optimized for mobile you are missing out on a large number of consumers. We test your website on Android, Iphone and tablets to make sure it runs smoothly for the user experience.

For more information contact us and schedule a quick 30 minutes coffee in our cabana.

Once we have finished with your new awesome website or your website upgrades, do not worry we will not leave you hanging. Cabana Digitals provides a digital marketing services to take your website further and your business sales higher. We can increase your website traffic and generate more leads and sales with our Social Media Management team with funnels, landing pages and email campaigns. Are you looking to spend some money on paid ads, we have a specialist that deals only with paid ad setup, content, and management. We offer it all and if we don’t have what you need, well, in our industry we know a lot of talented individuals to hook you up with down the road.