Is Something Holding Your Back From Success?

Everyone talks about all the things that you are supposed to do to start the New Year. What is your resolution? Every day we hear things like weight loss, find a new hobby, travel more, sign up for self-improvement, and so many other ideas. It’s a lot of peer pressure to come up with all the things you are supposed to want to do. Most are always geared to a “New Year, New You” theory. But have you ever noticed that you don’t hear people saying, “New Year New Business” or “New Year, New Sales” Starting a new business, grow a company or anything about building a new career other than a few commercials for colleges, seem simply non-existent. Typically, people do not pressure you to start a new business. But isn’t that self-improvement? So, why is that?

Are You Holding Back Your Own Success
Restraints – Belly Drops

We all feel them, the belly flops. That gut wrenching bottoming out feeling of doing something out of our comfort zone. You know that feeling. We are restrained by that feeling, it can overcome you when thinking about starting a business. When it does the dream or idea fizzles because it basically scare the drive out of you. But what if, starting a business was easier?

Defying the Drops

Tackle the unknown in your business and don’t worry about the business stress.

What if you said, this year I am going to do ME. I want to be my own boss, I want to take my time back! I want family and I want to hang out with friends but I still want to be able to pay my bills. Sounds like the impossible dream, right? But if it’s the impossible dream how come so many of us are living it? We all had the belly flops that we turned our stomachs into excited butterflies. We tackled the unknown, reached out and just did it.

Learn Before You Leap

Starting a new business is not hard. Chances are you are starting a business that you have passion for and like to spend your time doing. Right? So that is one step you have already in your tool box.  But a lot more goes into make a successful business, not just your physical work load or services. When I say learn I don’t mean go back to school but you can learn from others through so many different resources on the web.  Everyone has a very different idea on how to do start a business but there are several basics that start you out on the right path no matter what business you have.

Step 1

Must have a BUDGET and money flow. This is the money that will get you buy to build your business. It includes materials you need and set up money if at a brick n mortar store. It includes your marketing strategy team (who you pay to market) and your website (please don’t do this on your own if you have never built a business website), your website maintenance plan, your email and sales funnel growth plus you will need to have money set aside for subscriptions like, email client, hosting, domain and advertising if you are going to use a PPC type marketing plan.

Step 2

Have a clear BUSINESS PLAN – Yes, write it down, find out where you can get the 5W’s you need to focus on. If you aren’t sure what the 5W’s are then search the internet to find them. It is a MUST have before opening shop. You will use those elements to build your marketing and business. Without a business plan you will like falter many times. This isn’t the business plan that you write on the napkin in the bar because you have a great idea. It’s a complete thought process that you need to compile to set the basis of your business strategy. This is one step you can’t overlook or push aside.

Step 3

Strategy for a concrete MARKETING PLAN. Not just, oh I think I’ll sell on Etsy or Facebook, that should do it. Do you want to really open a business or are you just doing this on the side? If you are doing this on the side then sure that should fine but if you are serious about making money and living a boss freedom lifestyle you need a marketing plan. How are you going to drive traffic? What does your social look like? Do you have branding put in place and is it consistent throughout all your marketing avenues? Are you planning to do this monthly to build credibility and authority?

Step 4

KNOW you will need to EVALUATE for several months. You are starting a business and you want to grow. Things don’t just happen quickly in the growth market. You need to continually move forward and show that you are the Queen or King of your niche and you know what you are talking about. You need to make sure your audience has faith in your abilities to deliver. As a website designer trust, me this is not always the easiest thing to do. People want instant fame and fortune but building a business correctly isn’t for the faint of heart and requires investing in you and business.

The Long Haul Theory

If you are in for the long haul then know that starting out can be rocky.  I know people tell you that all the time, right? But a good business and building up your client base can take a year. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme this is a lifetime, I’m in it to win it attitude. If you work hard, follow the 4 steps above and be ready to actually spend the money on YOU in the front end you WILL succeed in the back end. Just a fact, Jack!

Authority & Experience

I do business websites all the time. Some of my clients have done their due diligence and know the 4 steps and are ready to roll. Some individuals think they can wing it and do it all on their own.  Let me tell you folks I’ve been in the business long enough now to know that without a rock solid website that ranks you will not get the traffic you want or the sales you need to life that dream lifestyle.  As a designer, it’s clear when people contact me about a business website whether they have the money set aside, or if they even want to spend the money on a website.  Good luck.

I am here to help you succeed in living that business family lifestyle you want.  We walk you through many of the stages above and despite the idea that all websites require your blood and all your money you can get a great website, structured properly and ready to go to the search engines WITH search engine optimization done for under 3K.  You can always expand your  website as you grow.  Stop thinking that you have to do it all up front … do it as you build that business.  Keep it simple, start it slow and steady and the next thing you know you’ll be on top of the world, cruising to exotic lands and living that dream with the family.  Keep the faith and as always Cabana Digitals is here to help if you need to reach out and get started!