Organic Growth, Not the Plants

You know trying to write blogs about website development is about as boring as you can get unless you are a technology geek. So trying to explain things about websites to get people to read my blogs is kind of a moot point but hey you are here so that means you found me. I tried to add a little humor to my blogs because like I said it is boring to talk about tech stuff and website elements.
So, what do I mean by organic growth?

I do not mean trying to get your plants to grow. I am NOT a green thumb anyway. Trust me you do not want my advice there. But, Organic in the world of websites means organic search engine optimization which I’ll dub as Organic SEO. If you know anything about SEO or if have you have researched to learn anything about SEO, then you know that is how your website ranks for specific keywords. But there is a lot more to it than keywords. However, that is what most people think of when they hear the words optimized website with SEO.
Say what? There are more things than just keywords to worry about.

There are different types of organic SEO for instance there’s off page and on page strategies that work to improve your website to make sure the search engine can rank your website higher. Some of the organic search market strategies can include things like keyword research, relevant content keywords, optimizing the content on page with SEO, internal linking with targeted keyword phrases, optimizing your images or SEO brand mentions. In fact, for SEO there are so many different things that you can do for organic growth.

#1 reason to optimize: It is FREE

So, the reason you need SEO is because it’s extremely important and it’s FREE! That is the biggest reason to do it, it is free. Additionally, it does not take you any money, but it does take a little time. You need to do a little research great but because it is free why not take advantage. And there are a lot of tools out there that can help you with your keyword research. Or you can just hire me and I’ll do it for you. You can expect higher ROI why because it’s free and you’re not paying for paid ads or for any kind of marketing to drive traffic to your website. And you want traffic, right? Traffic means money, read on my friend.
So, what can organic SEO do for you?

Get Noticed with Search Engine Visibility.

Specifically, you can do just a few things increase your search visibility. You can increase your number of qualified leads and customer sales through traffic to your website. However, with Google’s everchanging algorithms you need to be careful, and you need to constantly check your keywords along with your website metrics. Oh did I mention that you need a really good structured website. Preferably not one that is built in WIX, Weebly or any other cheap website builder with limited optimization ability? Yes, you do. A website that is built for traffic and for ranking in Google optimized for traffic is your best overall goal. Mobile SEO is a little bit different but I won’t get into that in this article.

Get Found in Local Searches.

SEO is great for local marketing. Again why, because it is free and you can tweak your keywords to your market in your area. Say you only want to work within a certain suburb use those keywords. Example “HVAC in Kansas City” that is a keyword, a long tail one, but that’s organic keyword SEO. I have a lot of clients that are on local search and we optimize their website so that those locally can find their business. So, if you’re a restaurant owner in a little town you know that your audience is going to be probably within 30 minutes of that restaurant. As a result, you optimize the site with keywords for surrounding areas. Thus, when people search for a restaurant in their area your website comes up. That simple. Local organic keyword SEO is the best way if you have a small business, which is what I work with most of the time. In short, all my locals are all SEO and optimize for such engines per their location. The only time that differs is if there is an eCommerce store because that service is all of the United states. Their site keyword SEO is a little bit different but that’s when you need a professional, like myself.

It Can Increase your Brand Awareness.

Organic SEO is a great strategy if you are looking to make sure your brand appears in organic results. It also makes you an authority in your industry if your brand is recognized. Think about some of your local business, maybe you’ve seen billboards, or their vans, a sign. You know that business because of it is branding. So if your brand is telling your story and you have branded authority, what could be better than SEO if helps to acquire customers.

Patience Grasshopper.

Have patience like a grasshopper and start search engines.

You are in for the long haul with organic SEO. Unlike, paying for advertising through a PPC campaign or a marketing campaign where you spending big bucks, organic SEO is in for the long haul. Because those keywords can stay consistent and you can rank faster for longevity. For the purpose of growing the business, keywords can last for many many years on your website without change. So if you do you are doing off page and on page SEO strategies right it’s not unusual for you to stay in the search engines ranking high for years. Sounds good right? Then, pair that where updated content with the keywords and you’re looking at a winning solution for free organic traffic.

Is Your Website Working For Organic Growth — Cabana Digitals
Make Money, Money, Money

No, really you can increase your revenue with organic search optimization. No Brainer. Remember we talked about the ROI. Well, it is FREE so you aren’t paying someone to come to your site for a lead. You aren’t paying somebody to come to your site to purchase. You get to reap all the rewards because you haven’t spent any money on your organic SEO. Organic traffic typically captures more than 30 to 40% of the revenue of your business. Crazy right? Are you leaving money out there? So being optimized on your website is just revenue waiting for you. It may take you a while to rank with your organic keywords however once you do you could be golden.

Google the Scary Giant

This is just the tip of the iceberg on the great strategies you need to gain ranking with organic SEO. You know Google and SEO they struggle because it changes all the time. Hence why you have to be aware of what’s going on and the search engines and what the Google algorithms are for websites. So how is that determined? It’s determined by user experiences, page speed, length of time they’re on the website and whether your website is user friendly and mobile friendly. Are your images optimized? There is a lot that goes into the organic SEO besides just keywords. Remember the main goal of organic SEO is that you get the best possible results for free and give content that’s worthy on Google to rank. (Do not use my blog as an example, remember writing blogs about website elements is boring.)
Have A Plan – Strategy

So, that is my quick summary what you need to do to be search engine optimized on your website. If you need more information or a detailed plan and a strategy, then contact us. We can talk to you and about a business strategy plus marketing plan with organic SEO that works for you. Hey, don’t be afraid when it comes to organic SEO it just sounds like a scary word but it’s truly the easiest thing that you can do for yourself, your business, and your website. And remember it’s free and free is good.