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I was watching my chickens the other day just run around like crazy chasing bugs, grass, and whatever it is that chickens want out in the yard. They run from one spot to the other following each other or sometimes venturing out on their own, though not for long. You know the old saying, “Running around like a chicken with its head cut off”! Thankfully all my chickens, at the moment, have their heads, not so sure about the owner at times. As a small business owner, that could be my daily vibe. I bet everyone can relate to that phrase at least several times a week. We live in a world where it is a constant go, go, go! Whether it’s family, personal, or business there is something always going on.

I pivoted my business this year to solely work with the small business owners who feel like they are that chicken, with their heads attached, of course. I can relate to their problems easily. I’ve run my own businesses for years. Whether that was chasing 10 kids in the yard or house for my licensed daycare (by the way that’s a lot like chickens now that I think of it), or staffing, vendors, and customers at my bar, to running my website dev company for the past 15 plus years, there always seems to be too much to do and little time to do it. We won’t even get into the “running the household” part of life.

Most businesses, especially start-ups, don’t have the time, energy, or money to put into a solid business plan that includes growth through websites or social tools. They begin with word of mouth and hope that carries them through. And surprisingly, that does work for some. I’ve noticed the crafters world can move ahead pretty quickly once their products are out and people start to talk about them. But what about the other businesses? You know, companies like the tree trimmer guy, the gal that decides to clean houses, and the other part of the entrepreneur world trying to make a buck and grow a business?

This year I decided to help those small businesses by providing a lower cost for website development to give them a voice on the web or at a minimum a calling card to send their potential customers. This helps give them some authority in whatever endeavor they are doing. I think it’s almost essential anymore for businesses to have a voice or something that says, “hey look I’m legit’. Yes, I know there are a lot of shady business owners out there for sure, but the “real” guys and girls building a business need that help.

Along with providing this cheaper service I also allow a payment plan for them. It helps free up their time and gives them a piece of mind. Most aren’t really computer savvy or if they are they aren’t web designers or developers. I’ve converted many of the DIYer’s websites because they don’t gain traffic or the person trying to build a website figures out it’s not as easy as they thought. But the drag-and-drop method that was so widely popular is really not the way to go for growth. A well-constructed website, which all our templates are, can mean the difference between Google actually seeing your website or passing it right on by.

So, if you feel like you are a chicken, running around all over the place and have no time to devote to your grand plan of growing your business but have no website, well, here I am ready to help you!

Give us a call and let’s talk about what you need. Cabana Digitals is here to support and promote you!