Avoiding Website Builders

It’s the big debate on avoiding website builders. Let’s consider the cheaper, but sometimes lengthy development loaded with frustrations. If you aren’t familiar with building a website and you aren’t super techy then even using a website builder like Wix and Weebly will be an undertaking. And while website builders offer convenience and a cheaper solution, hey I get it money is tight when you own a small business. But there are reasons why some small businesses might choose to avoid them. I am doing this in a 2 part blog, check back for the rest of the details next week.

Here’s a list of considerations:

**Limited Customization:**

Website builders often have limitations in terms of design and functionality. If you have specific design requirements or need advanced features, a website builder might not be the most suitable option. Things start to get really expensive if you have to add widgets or plugins to make your website function the way you want it to.

**Branding and Domain Restrictions:**

Many website builders include their branding in the domain name or on the website itself unless you upgrade to a premium plan. This can compromise the professional appearance of your site. Like having a free website on Godaddy website builder, the domain will include the builder.

**Scalability Challenges:**

As your small business grows, you might outgrow the capabilities of a website builders, like WIX or Weebly. If you anticipate the need for more complex features or scalability, a custom-built website may be a better long-term solution. This is especially true if you are running an eCommerce website.

**SEO Limitations:**

Some website builders have limitations in terms of SEO customization. They do have it available if you know what to do with SEO. But this can impact your site’s visibility on search engines, affecting your ability to reach a wider audience. And now that Google is rolling out algo’s with AI and with the old way of using keywords, you need to be cautious for sure on your localized SEO.

**Data Control and Ownership:**

There are companies along with easy website builders, where you might have limited control over your data and content. This lack of ownership can be a concern for businesses that want complete control over their online assets. We run across this issue often, with those that build in say Squarespace, like this one that uses it’s own platform and the website can’t transfer or say Showit, which does the same and several others. Make sure that you have complete control over all aspects of your website, in case you need to move it to another hosting solution in the future. We suggest WordPress which can move to many different hosting platforms.

If you’re just starting out or have a small business, website builders work great because they are cheaper. But, if you’ve got specific needs or want more control, a custom-built website might be the way to go. It all boils down to what your project needs and aims for and what your business goals are moving forward!

Check back for Part 2!