Avoid Website Builders Part 2

Let’s dive into the ongoing discussion about steering clear of website builders. Think about opting for the more affordable route, even though it might take a bit longer and come with its share of headaches during development. If you’re not well-versed in website building and not exactly a tech whiz, tackling platforms like Wix and Weebly can still be a challenge. Sure, website builders are convenient and budget-friendly – I get it, running a small business means watching those pennies. However, there are valid reasons why some small businesses might decide to give them a pass. Check out this list of factors to consider.

Avoid Website Builders Part 2 —

**Template Similarities:**

Many websites built with popular builders tend to have a similar look and feel because they often use templates. If you want a unique and distinctive design, a custom-built website may be a better fit plus it can be customized to reflect your branding for your business. 

**Subscription Costs Add Up:**

While some website builders offer free plans, many essential features are often available only in premium plans. Over time, subscription costs can add up, potentially exceeding the cost of a custom-built website.  Sometimes it’s better to hire us and pay it in equal payment plans than to spend the money that will be wasted on a platform that does not provide the website you need.  Remember you are investing in your business and yourself.  Blood, sweat and tears baby..but Cabana Digitals offers you a solution to the small business pocketbook woes. 

**Limited E-commerce Functionality:**

If you plan to run a robust e-commerce platform, website builders do not allow the customization and functionality required for a sophisticated online store.  This is a huge factor because trust me building an eCommerce website is not easy and every store/business has its own needs at checkout, whether that is coupons or subscriptions. I highly recommend using a professional, like me, to handle your eCommerce website.

**Performance Concerns:**

I talk about this alot but CWV – that’s Core Web Values. Google wants, your site needs them or you are wasting your time. Websites built in a DIYer’s realm will face performance issues, particularly as the site grows in content and complexity. This can impact user experience and site speed and CVW. If you have a website you can check this if you don’t believe me. Head over to GTMetrix and run your url through and see what grade you get!

**Brand Perception:**

Using a builder might lead to a perception that your site is amateurish or lacks a professional touch, especially, if visitors recognize the builder’s templates or the name of the builder is in your url, like “business.wix.com”. This could be perceived as not caring enough about your professional look of your business and reflect on the business itself.

**Dependency on the Platform:**

You are dependent on the platform’s features and updates. If the platform undergoes changes that impact your site negatively, you may have limited recourse. Hosting issues are a whole different story and another blog. There are many things that can go wrong with hosting environments, be sure your hosting is secured and they back up the websites daily!

**Limited Support for Advanced Features:**

Advanced features, such as custom databases or intricate application integrations, may not be supported or might require workarounds that can be cumbersome. In fact, most won’t try to find another way and give up. Just skip the headache and hire Cabana Digitals, we can help while you are working on your business.

For more control and customization a custom well-built website is the winning solution. It ultimately depends on the unique requirements and goals of your project.