Wonderful World of Website Builders

What can I say about those DIYer’s building out their business website? Well, kudos to you for trying. Glad you have the motivation. Sure, do wish you would have hired a website developer? I have a lot of thoughts about these platforms. I get it, really, I do… but the cold hard truth of the matter is: If you are serious about really growing your business, targeting potential customers, and staying competitive in your field, then doing it yourself is NOT the answer. If you do not care about those things, then great carry on.

I have said this numerous times, but I will say it again: Your WEBSITE is NOT an AFTERTHOUGHT. It should be in your marketing dollars and your business strategies. It is the most essential part of your marketing and your business. You cannot compete without a well-designed website built to bring you leads and carry your brand.

Let me explain a little about why you should not use website builders.

Where to start? Okay. . .top 5 reason count down:

Reason #5. Copycat – Copycat
Website theme builders are copycats.

Oh look, you love this flashy theme. People will definitely come to this one and it is so pretty. Guess what that theme you picked on that all-inclusive platform means there are about 100,000 other DIYer’s with that same theme. You are extremely limited to the choices you have; it may seem like a lot of choices at the time, but you are one of a million. Changes are others have the same. There is nothing unique about it. Menu layout to functions is all the same. Even your finalized website will look no different than the other small business that are already moving along and established, so what is going to make yours any different.

Website Builders May Not Be The Answer — Cabana Digitals

I can spot a Shopify website ten miles away. Do you want to be YOU or like the others? Maybe, that does not matter to you because you were trying to cut cost, right? Read on. . .

Reason #4. Low Invest = Low Quality
Low investments might me low quality website work.

You have signed up for that awesome website, found the template from the pre-existing ones. Now you need to up the game and great your brand, build the user interface so they have a wonderful experience and generate content, maybe add graphics. Wait, what I can only add this slideshow? How do I display the products to show different on the home page? Wait, what I cannot create the strip for sales? Maybe, you need to move a few things around but can’t.

Remember, these templates are for easy drag and drop not creative out of the box features that grab your audience. Site builders like Wix, Weebly and Squarespace have limited ability to customize. Oh, that’s okay with you? Okay so now you don’t mind the copycat template and you do not mind having a low-quality website, how about the fact that it is unprofessional for your business?

Reason # 3. Serious Business or Just Unprofessional ​

Can you really make that happen doing it yourself? You have your branding guide ready and a logo, correct? Boy, all of those are great reasons but still, I saved a ton of money not hiring someone and it looks okay, no worries, I will have traffic to the website soon. Will you though?

Think about this: Limited if any at all control over your SEO. What is that you ask?

Reason # 2. Traffic = SEO Content/Website​

This is probably the 2nd biggest reason that doing it yourself is a bad idea. Do you even know how to make your website search engine optimized (SEO)? You can YouTube the procedures for content, like keywords but don’t stuff the website. But there is so much more to this including backend optimization. Most of the do-it-yourself website’s do not have or even allow for SEO. So, no matter how wonderful all the other three elements above might be or that you just do not care, this one should matter. Why? Because if you do not show up on Google, Bing, or any search engine you might as well just have no website at all. Think about that you, are paying money to not get noticed. They don’t offer the tools you need now to rank, because no amount of great copy is going to get your recognition. You cannot code the website, enhance the speed, or even do minor adjustments with widgets to get your site noticed. So, why did you build the website again?

But we are not done, because the #1 reason to not go with websites that host like Wix, Weebly, Shopify or others like that is. . .

Reason #1. They OWN your website!

Yep, folks that is right, you quit the service and you lose all your arduous work on that beautiful, templated website going nowhere. Just paid out a bunch of money but you cannot take it with you.

Boy, if that is not the BEST reason to not build a website on those platforms, I do not know what else to warn you about. It is just a bad investment and that money you spent, and time could have gone to a highly well-built wonderful lead generating branded website. If you had only hired a professional, like me, Cabana Digitals, where you own what you pay for.

Last Thoughts​

If money is tight and you still need a website, and you need to grow your business and make a profit, then KNOW it is not an optional expense. Remember, your website is the first impression of you and your business. So, be professional and be the expert at your products and services and have a website that reflects that message.

We offer packages to fit about any budget. Base pricing starting at $ 1,600.00, and you own your website. Contact us to set up a discovery call to find out how we can help you.